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About us

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We're about passion.

We are a brand born out of the love for simple living, and a desire for detail, resulting in the design of functional essentials that are made with care to help you every day.
Founded in 2015, Bangalore, India, Habitus Sports takes pride in producing Sportswear and knit wear that are refined, elegant and versatile. Our products are a perfect amalgamation of form and function, crafted in specially selected fabric.

Made to last.

Functional and timeless ! we are proudly, made in India and draw from indigenous skills from India’s regional belts. Our team of highly skilled product designers operate out of clusters across India where the regard for quality is well understood and appreciated by our vendors.

Our Store.

Launched in 2019 and located in Bangalore, our store is warm and welcoming to veterans and newbies alike. We have on display, our ever growing range of thoughtfully designed apparel to satisfy your every need.

Our Founder.

Inspired by an abundance of experience in fashion and lifestyle, coupled by knowledge of textile manufacturing techniques and a passion to incorporate comfort and beauty, we founded Habitus. Being an athlete myself, I understood first hand the product that I would like to use, to be at ease with myself. Thus, came our range of products that are constantly innovating and evolving.

© HabitusTees.


Body Type Tees

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  • ₹ 399 299
  • body_03

    Body RED

    ₹ 399 299
  • body_01

    Body White

    ₹ 399 299


Sportie Tees

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  • sportee_02

    Grey V neck

    ₹ 499 299
  • sportee_04

    Sportie Yellow

    ₹ 799 499
  • sportee_05

    Sportie Black

    ₹ 799 499
  • sportee_01

    Lime crew neck

    ₹ 499 325
  • sportee_03

    Sportie White

    ₹ 799 499


Round Neck Tees

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  • graphic_02

    Graphic Blue

    ₹ 399 299
  • graphic_01

    Graphic Orange

    ₹ 399 299


Corporate Tees

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  • corporate_04


  • corporate_03

    Furadan 3G – FMC

  • corporate_02

    Furastar – FMC

  • corporate_01