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HABITUS SPORTS owns the copyright to all the contents of this website, including images. All trademarks and other intellectual property are owned or licensed by us (unless otherwise specified). No third party is allowed to copy, reproduce, distribute, republish, download, display, post or transmit any part of the website without written consent from us (except as stated below).  Copying or reproducing the content is strictly punishable as per the Cyberlaw. While our website is as accurate as possible, errors and omissions may please be accepted. We have tried to upload or match the colour of the product. However, the customers may please note that the actual product colour may vary minimally. 


Online Dispute Resolution Clause



Any claim or dispute whatsoever (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) arising out of or in connection under these terms, including any question regarding its construction, meaning, existence, validity, breach, recall, recovery or termination, shall be resolved and settled by or through the process of mediation or conciliation if the Parties agree to such process, and which process will be administered in accordance with the applicable mediation or conciliation rules of the Sama, an independent online dispute resolution institution. If the Parties cannot agree to undertake such process, or if the mediation or conciliation process does not resolve the claim or dispute within the period stipulated in such rules or within a period of <21> days (whichever is earlier), then the claim or dispute shall be taken forward for resolution by means of arbitration in terms of the applicable rules of Sama, and in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, which shall be conducted (including for recording of evidence or tendering of documents), concluded and administered online by Sama through its website/platform www.sama.live or mobile application.

The arbitral tribunal shall consist of an independent sole arbitrator appointed in accordance with the applicable arbitration rules of Sama. The seat of arbitration proceedings shall be Bangalore. The procedural law of arbitration


External Material:

The third party coming in contact with Habitus Sports website shall not use the website in any way that will damage or interrupt its provision. The linking of external images may be destructive to the performance of our website and hence it is strictly not admissable.


Changes to Site Disclaimer:

HABITUS SPORTS reserve the right to change the Site Disclaimer from time to time. For changes initiated a notification shall be issued or updated in the site for customers notice. The disputes resolution shall be under the Bangalore jurisdiction. If any part of this Site Disclaimer is found to be invalid by law, the rest of them remain valid and enforceable.


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Body Type Tees

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  • ₹ 399 299
  • body_03

    Body RED

    ₹ 399 299
  • body_01

    Body White

    ₹ 399 299


Sportie Tees

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  • sportee_02

    Grey V neck

    ₹ 499 299
  • sportee_04

    Sportie Yellow

    ₹ 799 499
  • sportee_05

    Sportie Black

    ₹ 799 499
  • sportee_01

    Lime crew neck

    ₹ 499 325
  • sportee_03

    Sportie White

    ₹ 799 499


Round Neck Tees

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  • graphic_02

    Graphic Blue

    ₹ 399 299
  • graphic_01

    Graphic Orange

    ₹ 399 299


Corporate Tees

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  • corporate_04


  • corporate_03

    Furadan 3G – FMC

  • corporate_02

    Furastar – FMC

  • corporate_01